Thomas Jefferson And Three Keys To Persuasion

Thomas Jefferson would have been comfortable on Twitter. He would have been really good at writing short, provocative tweets that make people think differently.

Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence is the most persuasive document in American history. Its creation contains valuable lessons for any leader who wants to sell ideas more effectively.

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Alan Alda Explains The ‘Ice-Water Experiment’ And How Messages Stick

Alan Alda is a seven-time Emmy Award winner best known for playing Hawkeye Pierce in the classic television show, M*A*S*H. Alda’s interest in science led him to host the award-winning PBS series Scientific American Frontiers. Eleven years of interviewing scientists on the program convinced Alda that people with the best ideas are often terrible communicators.

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Learning To Sell Your Idea In 10 Minutes Is A Valuable Career Skill

Recently, I visited an elite class of military officers who will spend the next thirteen months training on the most sensitive—and challenging—national security issues of our time. One of my books on communication skills is required reading in the class because crafting and delivering a compelling presentation is a key skill they’ll have to learn. In fact, they learn to sell their ideas in ten minutes or less.

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Unveil New Products the Apple Way

Apple unveils HomePod using a traditional and effective presentation formula. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business storytellers of our time. Apple executives clearly agree and do their best to adopt his presentation... read more

Kevin Spacey’s Best Advice For Marketers

Kevin Spacey might not be a surprise host for the 2017 Tony Awards given his own Tony and Oscar award-winning performances, but his appearance as the keynote speaker at a marketing conference was somewhat of a surprise. Like any good actor Spacey knows his audience.

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Learn This Important Presentation Tip from Google’s CEO

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced at the company’s 2017 developers conference that Google is “rethinking all our products” as it moves from a mobile-first world to an “A.I.-first” one. His presentation also reflected a rethinking of traditional presentation style.

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Human Communication Skills Power IBM’s Watson Ads

Each and every day IBM’s Watson works alongside business professionals in 45 countries, analyzing volumes of data to make better decisions and to solve big problems. But ask the average person about Watson and they might recognize it as ‘the computer’ that beat two champions of the quiz show Jeopardy!

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A Trendy Silicon Valley Buzzword Offers A Valuable Lesson In Effective Communication

According to one analysis, tech company executives have used the word “moat” 89 times in earnings calls and financial presentations over the past year. The trend appears to be tied back to Warren Buffett’s choice of the metaphor as a stock picking analogy. Buffett said he looks for companies that have a strong protection against competitors, “like an economic castle.”

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The Irresistible Appeal of Rags-to-Riches Stories

Social psychology explains why we never grow tired of hearing about an entrepreneurs’ rise from poverty. In Pour Your Heart Into It, Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz wrote, “The more uninspiring your origins, the more likely you are to use your... read more

Prepare For A Job Interview, The Way CEOs Rehearse For The Media

Facing the camera on CNBC or sitting across from reporters at The Wall Street Journal can be intimidating for even the most seasoned business leaders. The methods used to coach executives for high-stakes media appearances can easily be adapted to a job interview because the goal is the same — to inspire confidence and to persuade your audience to buy in to your vision.

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