Richard Branson’s  Brain Trick To Reframe A Mindset

Richard Branson has never been reticent to share his personal experience with dyslexia. In the opening sentence to a recent blog post, Branson writes, "I'm often asked how I went from being a dyslexic school dropout to founding many successful businesses."...

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Story Is A Powerful Contagion That Can Fight The Flu

Facts and data are not enough to convince people to take action, especially if that action requires getting poked in the arm with a needle to protect themselves from the flu. What does work to change minds is the subject of today’s column. The 2017-2018...

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Propel Your Career In 2018 With These Books

The most common New Year’s resolution is to “exercise more.” That’s followed by the second most common resolution—to lose weight. Reading more books doesn’t crack the top 10. But for leaders, maybe it should top the list. After reading more than 75...

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Leaders: Use This Proven Technique To Win People Over

This 1 Key to Human Psychology Will Set You Apart as a Leader People Want to Follow It's well-documented that hanging around chronically negative people can bring you down. The opposite is also true: Spending time with positive people makes you happier. In...

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Pep Talks Work According To Science

New scientific studies show that pep talks work. From the baseball field to the workplace, great leaders energize teams with their words. The Houston Astros provide the latest example. On November 1st, the Astros beat the Dodgers in game 7 to win the 2017...

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