How Steve Jobs Inspired People to ‘Dream Bigger’

A retail executive who was once tasked with revitalizing the Disney Store called Steve Jobs, Disney’s largest shareholder, to ask for advice. Jobs said, “Dream bigger.” Those two words contained a wealth of wisdom and inspired Disney to think radically different. The... read more

Five Presentation Lessons from Apple’s New Rock Star

Article written for about Craig Federighi, Apple’s new charismatic spokesperson. Article Transcript Since I wrote a book titled The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, I’ve been searching for a presenter — at Apple or any other... read more

Apple Retail Stores and the ‘Buying Brain’

Apple Inc. not only builds some of the most elegant products in the world, but it also masterfully uses technology to enhance the customer experience in its stores. Apple Stores provide three key lessons that business owners in any industry can benefit from. These... read more