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Everyone should read it

“Talk Like TED is simply exceptional. I found it extraordinary and I’m applying it to my daily work. Everyone should read it.”
Francesco Borrello, founder Silks International Hotel Group

Makes you a better public speaker

“Talk Like TED not only makes you a better public speaker, its wisdom will make you a better communicator. Carmine Gallo challenges us to be passionate storytellers so we can effectively articulate our message… and ultimately take our audience on a journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone – it’s not just for improving our public speaking, the advice will help all of us connect more through conversation.”

Lt. Col. Jannell MacAuley, combat flight commander, U.S. Air force

12 years ago, Brad Gray left a family business to pursue his passion to be a church pastor. In this video, pastor Brad Gray thanks Carmine for writing “game-changing books” that changed the trajectory of his life. He sent us this great “thank you” testimonial video.


“Speaking in front of a group has always terrified me. I listened to Gallo’s Talk Like TED. It was great. Gallo read it himself. I was mesmerized. The more I listened to Gallo’s ideas, the more I knew I could reach people in a whole different way. I had an opportunity to put the book into action. I watched the audience stay with me as I shared the stories of how the library has made a difference in people’s lives. It was then I knew Carmine Gallo’s book had done its job.”

Claudia Schoonover,
Library Director, for News Tribune

“I also learned a lot from Carmine Gallo’s Talk Like Ted book. We need to be effective, concise and convincing.”

Sherry Smith
Global Chief Customer Officer, Triad Retail Media

Honestly Couldn’t Put This Book Down

Jodi Legrand via LinkedIn

A Book For All Communicators

“I try to read a couple books on preaching every year. While Carmine Gallo may not have intended to write a book on preaching, he has certainly written a book for preachers–and all other communicators.” read full post

-Bret Hammond, minister

Inspire, motivate, and persuade any audience!

“Inspire, motivate, and persuade any audience! That’s what Carmine Gallo helped me do and now he can help you, too, in Talk Like TED. Your success depends on your ability to pitch and present your vision, ideas, and proposals. Learn to deliver like a pro.”

-Darren Hardy
publisher and founding editor of Success

Your TED Book Is Terrific

“Thank you Carmine. Your TED book is terrific. It has really improved my presentation skills and my work with helping nonprofits tell their story. In the early chapters I wondered why you were injecting yourself but as I went on you – and your story, insight and experience – became the best part of a great book. Hope I have the opportunity to learn from you… Thanks”

-Merle Benny

Talk Like TED Is Amazing!

“Thank you so much Mr. Gallo! Your book Talk Like TED is amazing! I am using it as a guide, a Bible to learn how to communicate my mission for my idea for children – Storyman Books – Creating Emotional Fulfillment. I just want to say thank you and one day I hope to be able to hire you as my communication coach.”

-David M. via Facebook

Talk Like TED is brilliant!

“Talk Like Ted is brilliant! It has helped me massively with my career already and I haven’t even finished the book. Very inspiring. Thank you!”

-Steven Aindow, Northern Ireland

In this book, Carmine performs magic.

“In this book, Carmine performs magic. He shows us exactly what makes the world’s greatest talks so great. Through story, detail, insight, and passion, Carmine gives us secrets we can apply to our own presentations so that people actually want to hear us talk.”

-Dan Roam
author of The Back Of The Napkin and Show & Tell

Thank You For Your Words Of Wisdom

“Hello Carmine. I am a High School ‘learning facilitator’ per Sir Ken Robinson, rather than a teacher. I just finished listening to Talk Like TED for the 5th time and am beginning my 6th. I do have a speech that I am working on…your book is helping me develop that speech and I am contacting TED to begin the process. Thank you for your words of wisdom.”

-Jason Barefoot

This book will make you a much better speaker

“The premise of this book, that TED talks provide great examples and lessons, is a magnificent insight. The Carmine’s execution of this premise is even better. This book will make you a much better speaker.”

-Guy Kawasaki
former chief evangelist of Apple and Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur

“Extremely impressive and inspirational” [Talk Like TED Slideshare]

-Desmond Wee Zi Liang @ziliangwee

Lot to Learn

“Listening to @carminegallo’s #TalklikeTED audiobook, and is really great so far! Lot to learn even for accomplished speakers”!

-Claudiu Tomescu@claudiutomescu

Talk Like TED is a smart, practical book

“Talk Like TED is a smart, practical book that will teach you how to give a kick-butt presentation. This book is ultimately about discovering what moves you and then creating the means of moving others with your vision.”

-Daniel Pink
author of To Sell Is Human and Drive

A brilliant read

“@carminegallo Just finished Talk Like TED audio book – what a brilliantly read deep dive into the fascinating world of TED, it’s changed me!”

-Mark Green @greenphotos

Y’all are going to Love this book!

“Diving in to Talk Like TED by @Carminegallo Ya’ll are going to love this book!”

-Nancy Duarte author of Resonate and Slideology, @nancyduarte

I’m Getting More Invites Because Of Your Book

“I am always trying to become a better speaker and teacher. I have been getting more international invitations, and I think my increased opportunities are largely a result of reading your book.” (Talk Like TED)


You helped Me Receive A Standing Ovation

“During the months leading up to the talk, I fretted over my script. What should I say? How much should I reveal? What should I leave out? Your analysis of stories from winning TED talks and specific examples of what made stories powerful, helped me create a script and deliver a talk to a standing ovation and tears in the eyes of the audience.)

-Sabina Nawaz

I Really Can’t Thank You Enough

“I’m giving an important speech next month to policymakers, regulators and top CEOs. Your book has been vital in bringing ideas together and giving me permission, encouraging me in fact, to be me, to be authentic. I really can’t thank you enough.”

-George F. London

Loved It!

“Just finished Talk Like TED. Loved it. Thanks. Already applying the ideas.”

-Phil Knox @philknox

Something Valuable On Every Page

Talk Like TED_stickienotes

Talk Like TED fan Steve Maule found something valuable on every page.

A Must Read Book!

“If interested in making a great impact when presenting @carminegallo Talk Like TED is a ‘must read’ book.”

-Martin Brooks @ACUK_ltd

I Got So Many Good Ideas From The Book

“I just wanted to say that I listened to Talk Like TED a few weeks before I had a 2 hour presentation. I got so many good ideas from the book. I used as many as I could and had an engaged audience. It was one of the better experiences I have had as a presenter. Thank you.”

-Pamela Lovell

I Have Ordered 20 Copies!

“I really enjoyed Talk Like TED and I have ordered 20 copies for the emerging environmental leaders in our 2014 Global Environments Summer Academy. I have asked all participants and resource people to present in a TED style format, and I am suggesting they read your book for insights. Thanks again.”

-Gary Martin PhD, Director, Global Diversity Foundation

Thank You For Making Me A Better Rabbi!

“I just finished Talk Like TED. Wanted to thank you so much – my High Holy day sermons won’t be the same this year! My only wish was that I’d read the book before my presentation at the RCA convention! Thank you for making be a better rabbi!”

-Rabbi Daniel Friedman

Your Book Has Ignited The Inspiration And Drive In Me

“Your book has ignited the inspiration and drive in me. I feel at the age of 31 I may have actually found what it is I am meant to do with the rest of my life, which I feel lucky to have found.”

The Best Life Book I’ve Read in A Long Time

“I just finished your book, Talk Like TED, and wanted to thank you. It is the best life book I’ve read in a long time. It is educational, inspiring, and brilliantly crafted. Thank you for the encouragement that my dreams and ideas matter. I speak at early childhood conferences on the importance of story time in classrooms and how to add theatrical flair to storytelling. I felt like you were speaking directly to me as I read chapters 8 and 9! I will re-read this book and use it as a reference as I continue speaking out on the importance of early literacy and taking stories ‘to the stage’! I will recommend it to everyone I know.”

-RaChelle Lisiecki

GPS for Great Presentations

“In Talk Like TED, Carmine Gallo give us ‘GPS for great presentations.’ It is hands-down the most comprehensive and informative book on presentations, possibly ever compiled. Carmine is amazing in his detail and supporting documentation for every single point. I heartily recommend this book for everyone interested in becoming a great presenter.”

-John G. Holstein, Director
Zotec Partners

Wow! Is All I Can Say

“Gallo takes you on the most amazing journey to creating and giving, not only a TED Talk, but also any presentation. Before I even completed the book, I started infusing these skills in my everyday conversation in the workplace. I’ve been able to transform even the most basic conversations into words of influence. Thank you Gallo for creating the next generation of public speaking handbooks.”

five_star-Jeremy Edmonds
(Amazon Review)

Talk Like TED Helped Me So Much

“WOW! Talk Like TED helped me so much that I can create an even better title than the author’s: ‘How Never to Bore Your Audience Again.’ … Talk Like TED should be a bible for anyone who wants to communicate – and isn’t that all of us?”

five_star-Leslie Levy (Amazon Review)

Wow. Out Of The Park Good!

“We all need to read this, it’s way more than how to deliver a TED talk, it’s about sharing ideas with others, which is pretty much 80% of life! All kids should read this by 15. (I’m a bit older than that, but I wish I did at that age.)”

five_star -James Forno (Amazon Review)

Awesome Public Speaking Resource!

“This book is excellent. I teach a public speaking course at the college level. It provides great elements for preparing a dynamic persuasive message. I highly recommend for students and communication instructors/coaches.”

(Amazon Review)

Excellent Prep Book For A Real TED Talk

“I read this book 7 days before I gave a TED talk, and I’ve very glad I did. In many crucial ways, author Carmine Gallo provided me in this book guidance I badly needed both for the prep phase and the actual talk. I particularly appreciated her emphasis on passion and on storytelling as a centrally important part of good public speaking. Perhaps most useful for me was the way the way she illustrated her key points by referencing existing TED talks that can be watched online. Right after I finished reading the book, I sat down and enjoyed many of the talks he recommended. When I took the stage, I felt ready and comfortable, and Carmine Gallo played a major part in that. I am grateful to him.”

-Carl Stubbs

A Must Read

“Wow! I rocked my lecture! Totally redesigned it the night before at it was spectacular!”

five_star -Dr. Alex Shvartsman (Amazon Review)

This Is The Best Book

“This is the best book on public speaking I have ever read. I have gone back to it several times since my first reading.”

five_star-W.L. Derks
(Amazon Review)

A Brilliant Book Sharing Brilliant Minds With Memorable And Exciting Stories

“If you want to be more memorable when you speak, engage the emotions of your audience and surprise and delight them – this book is for you. It breaks down some of my fav TED talks from some of the best minds in the world. You will understand how you can apply this in your everyday work and home situations. If you are a professional speaker, trainer, author, or consultant this is a MUST read. If you present as part of your role at work, this will be a valuable resource for you.”

five_star-Neen James Communications (Amazon Review)

Fantastic Read

“I’m a high school teacher known as an excellent lecturer. I love my job. This book just made me better at what I do all day long. I never knew why I was so good at public speaking. How to talk like TED broke down and explained many concepts that have always come natural to me. But most importantly it explained how I can get better!”

five_star -Zachary Densberger (Amazon Review)

A Winning Book!

“I love this book! It gives great, original info on how to be a better speaker. It elaborates on how to keep people’s attention, get the right amount of info out, and much more! I used the tips in this book during my public speaking course at college and got an A!”

five_star-Shane Rose
(Amazon Review)

This Book Is Must-Read

“This book is a must-read for anyone who ever makes presentations to a group or speaks in public. When so many snooze-worthy speakers can squash the listeners’ interest in learning, the vibrancy of the TED talks makes every topic memorable and exciting. It so happens that there are a few simple lessons from TED that anyone can master, and this book shows how.”

five_star -Deborah Pierce (Amazon Review)

This Book Elevated My Game

“I speak in front of medium to large audiences every week and have been doing that for years. Carmine’s book elevated my game with his practical and insightful observations about what makes a presentation effective. Like all great communicators Gallo tells great stories and offers credible science and statistics to make his advice engaging and credible.

I’ve recommended it to every communicator I know.”

five_star-Ben Markham
(Amazon Review)

Every Minister Should Read This

“Most preachers still go over forty-five minutes when they preach. They are no longer connected with the people of today. People are not able to sit there and stay focused for that long. This is especially true if we are ministering to young people. Jesus was able to get his sermons down to just a few verses. He was able to communicate in short amounts of time. We should be able to preach in under thirty minutes. Learn how to boil it down to tweet able moments.

This was an excellent book. I recommended it five times before I got to the halfway point. Very intriguing take on communication. The book also gives you an idea of what TED talks you must see.”

five_star -TheTruth (Amazon Review)

Helped Tremendously With Veterans Day Presentations — Expect To Revisit Often

“Gallo’s in-depth analysis of the best speakers of our time is a superb resource sure to up your public speaking game. …I drew heavily on it while preparing and delivering a Veterans Day presentation for two local middle schools. ‘Tell stories’ and ‘use emotionally potent examples’ served as my guiding principles, and they made everything easier to remember, more fun to deliver, and more pleasurable for the audience to receive.”

five_star -Matt Deaton, Ph.D. (Amazon Review)

Carmine Gallo at desk

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