The Power of Storytelling to Sell Ideas, Grow Brands, and Engage Customers

Keynote Summary:

“The Storyteller’s Secret is an infectious and indispensable guide for readers with an idea to sell.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Google is coaching its managers, leaders and sales professionals to be storytellers. The software giant SAP is doing the same, as is Oracle, Salesforce, Nike, KPMG, Wynn Resorts, Accenture, and many other global brands. Storytelling is their competitive advantage.

Many leaders are inspired by Carmine Gallo’s ideas on storytelling. As a communication coach for the world’s most admired brands, a Harvard instructor, a popular columnist for Forbes and Inc., and the author of the international bestsellers, The Storyteller’s Secret and Talk Like TED, Carmine is one of the most recognized experts on business storytelling. In this inspiring, multimedia keynote presentation, Carmine explores the art and science of narrative to help leaders sell, inspire, motivate, build brands, and change lives.

Your audience will be captivated as they watch Carmine bring the topic alive with actionable and insightful videos, brand stories, scientifically-proven principles, and first-person interviews with storytellers such as Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, as well as leaders at: Apple, Google, SAP, Salesforce, UCLA Medical Center, Southwest Airlines, Sequoia Capital, McKinsey, and Airbnb, among others.

Learn to unleash your story – your most valuable asset and competitive edge. See testimonials and keynote videos below.

Key Points:

  • Why ideas that catch on are wrapped in story
  • The art and science of making an irresistible impression
  • Types of stories to: motivate, educate, simplify, inspire, and launch movements
  • Why stories should make up 65% of a presentation
  • How the world’s most admired brands use storytelling to elevate the customer experience and to motivate employees
  • Why signature stories will set your brand apart from the competition
  • How Richard Branson, Howard Schultz, Sheryl Sandberg, Airbnb, Southwest, KPMG, Apple and other admired brands, and TED speakers use storytelling to enrich their products, services and ideas.

Expected Results:

Your audience will leave inspired with specific and actionable advice they can use right away to sell their ideas more effectively.


“Your keynote yesterday morning at our BHHS Summit was awesome .. and that was the unanimous feedback from our agents and leaders all afternoon and into the evening yesterday. I couldn’t agree with you more .. thank you for sharing why the stories we tell are so important and empowering and why they lead to great successes.”

– Gino B. CEO, HSF Affiliates LLC

Our Leadership Series yesterday was a success. The Storyteller’s Secret received great feedback. Our attendees felt the topic was relevant and applicable to their daily work lives. Executive Forum is also trying to find ways to incorporate some of the ideas discussed at our next meetings and pitches! Thank’s Carmine Gallo! You were fabulous.

Executive Forum


Carmine, the audience loved your session. You were gracious, memorable, clear, impassioned. and you modeled the way with a beautifully structured class.

Rena M.

Harvard, department of executive education, graduate school of design

Dear Carmine, Thank you for contributing to the success of NAFCU’s CEOs and Senior Executives Conference. Your presentation was valuable and informative. I appreciate your efforts to ensure a quality educational experience for all delegates. Your presentation was outstanding!

Josie C.

NAFCU (National Association of Federal Credit Unions)

Carmine, you hit a high note. So high, we probably broke several windows throughout the building :). You’re a real pro and you did a fantastic job today!


CME Group, Chicago

So thrilled to be able to listen to Carmine Gallo as the keynote speaker today at Berkshire Hathaway Summit Conference. Inspiring storytelling!

Melissa Z.

Realtor/ Broker

Clips from The Storyteller’s Secret inspired keynotes

Carmine Gallo at desk

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