Carmine has interviewed some of the business world’s most successful and inspiring leaders.

Carmine Gallo and Daniel Pink say your #1 job is to sell your ideas

Carmine Gallo interviews New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink.

Carmine Gallo and UC Berkeley management professor Morten Hansen, author of Great At Work, explain how passion and purpose drive peak performance.

Carmine Gallo and Richard Branson discuss the power of storytelling to drive change

Carmine Gallo and Richard Branson explain why the best ideas fit on a beer mat

Full interview with Branson

Dr. Sean Sullivan walks Carmine Gallo through the benefits of using Limbix VR exposure therapy to overcome anxiety.

Carmine Gallo interviews Hall of Fame Quarterback, Steve Young, about the leadership lesson in his book, QB Life Behind The Spiral.

Carmine and Y Combinator investor/partner Geoff Ralston on the power of storytelling to sell dreams.

Y Combinator has provided seed funding for Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox and many others. In this video, partner Geoff Ralston explains why passion plays a major role in their investment decisions.

Carmine interviews Cameron Craig, Polycom’s Director of Global Communications about how working for Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash taught this business leader two valuable communication secrets.

Prezi CEO and co-founder, Peter Arvai, on Augmented Reality (AR) as the future of presentations

In an interview with Carmine Gallo, Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google shares why data and storytelling go hand in hand.

Carmine Gallo media interviews

Carmine was interviewed by 20/20 correspondent Deborah Roberts about the seven secrets to Steve Jobs’ success.

Carmine interview on Bloomberg TV.

Carmine appeared on MSNBC to talk about “The Storyteller’s Secret” and the 3 keys to making your idea irresistible.

The American Management Association (AMA) asked Carmine Gallo two questions.

The American Management Association (AMA) asks Carmine about the leader that had the most influence on him; his father.

Carmine answers the question: What his best piece of career advice is. His answer: tell more personal stories, especially about triumph over adversity.

Keynote Clips

Clips from some of Carmine Gallo’s keynote speeches.

At a yeynote to 10,000 attendees at MDRT 2015, Carmine tells us how our brains are wired for stories.

At the Khosla Summit, Carmine reads the audience’s minds and predicts which part of a famous presentation everybody remembers.

In his closing remarks at the Khosla Summit Carmine reminds the audience to sell dreams, not products.

You cannot have a great career without being passionate about what you do. But is passion enough?

At a keynote for Hibbett Sports, Carmine reminds us to dream big.

Great presentations are novel. Carmine talks about how our brains crave new information.

Carmine Gallo for

Carmine’s video postings for on a variety of timely topics.

Why We’re Hardwired To Find Stories Of Struggle Irresistible

What Expert Presenters Do Differently

How To Triple A Product’s Value In Under 2 Minutes

How To Find Your Signature Brand Story To Inspire Employees And Motivate Customers

The Spark Behind Richard Branson’s Most Creative Ideas

Hit Movies And Winning Sales Pitches Follow The Same Formula

Carmine Gallo at desk

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