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the unicorn

An Entrepreneur Reads Carmine’s Book to Build a $1.7 Billion Pitch Deck

“If you want to be a great pitcher, start with this book.” -HENRY WARD


The Pitch That Built A Billion Dollar Company

The Beginning

Carta launched in January 2014. Carta manages shares in private companies. It made $820 in its first month. Founder Henry Ward needed investors. He read Carmine Gallo’s The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs to “nail his pitch.”


 Ward didn’t just nail it; he crushed it. Ward raised nearly $500 million dollars over several rounds of fundraising. His investors include the legendary VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz. (watch Carmine’s interview with Andreessen CEO, Scot Kupor)

Carta has crossed into the rare status of ‘unicorn,’ and is now worth more than $1.7 billion.

In a webinar for Business Insider, entrepreneurs asked Ward how he managed to persuade venture capitalists to buy into his idea. “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs,” Ward answered. 

“When I first started doing the series A and series C decks, I read the book. I hand wrote my entire presentation and I practiced it over and over. It all came from this book. If you want to be a great pitcher, start with this book. It’s 10 bucks on Amazon. It’s worth every penny.”


“I highly recommend this book for anyone doing a pitch deck or anything. It really talks about how to craft a narrative and how to get to that climax point in the presentation that you want people to walk away with and remember.”

-HENRY WARD, Carta Founder and CEO


The Sales Professional who went from average to exceptional.

“Carmine’s books are like having a cheat code to a video game.” -STEVE FORCUM

the salesperson

Career Transformation


Steve is a sales professional at a global software company with nearly 12,000 employees. Two years ago, Steve attempted to transition from an engineer into a sales role. The company was assembling a team of “evangelists” who would stir up excitement for the company’s software and technology solutions. Steve didn’t get the job. As an engineer, his resume didn’t reflect his communication skills. Steve set out to prove that he could be an exceptionally persuasive salesperson.

the result

Steve landed the role he desired—global evangelist. “Give me an audience, the bigger the better, and I’ll deliver my pitch. During each presentation, I watch and, face by face, I can see the audience begin to get it.”

Nobody underestimates any more. Steve recently received the CEO Excellence Award, which comes with “an incredible financial award.” The CEO told the audience of sales professionals, “We need ten more people like Steve.” 

Carmine’s books, workshops, and keynotes will give your sales teams a competitive advantage. Just ask Steve.


Using Carmine’s books as a guide, Steve worked on his presentation, public-speaking and storytelling skills. He got promoted to a sales role and used Carmine’s techniques to stand out. 

“When I first moved into a sales role I struggled with explaining complicated technology solutions (VoIP PBX, Unified Communications) to non-technical people. I found that presenting and demonstrating our solutions in a way which was memorable and easy to digest was not something anyone could do well—among both my peers and competitors. 

After discovering Carmine’s books, I realized they were like having the cheat code for a video game. After digesting and applying the concepts he outlined, I was able to explain our solutions much more simply, which helped me stand out from peers and my competitors.”


“As a result of my overall performance at the conference, the CEO requested that I speak to our new Board of Directors because, as I was told, ‘You are the only person so far who can explain all this in really simple terms.’  New hires are being tasked with digesting your method. It’s become the desired template. I’m 100% convinced I would not be where I am right now if I had not discovered your books.”

Steve Forcum, Avaya Sales

THE ceo

Eli, the CEO and Tech Maverick

“Carmine is a different breed, a true partner.”


The Maverick Who Changed Our Lives


Physicist and SanDisk founder, Eli Harari, has changed your life. He pioneered flash memory, the technology that makes your camera cards capture your memories; the technology that makes your smartphone and iPad work; the technology that stores data on the cloud. 

Carmine began working with the SanDisk CEO and Harari’s executive team in 2008. The company was facing an existential crisis. The global financial meltdown had triggered the worst recession since the 1930s. As demand for flash-enabled consumer products plummeted, the industry faced a massive oversupply problem. Prices tanked, as did SanDisk’s stock, which plunged 90 percent over the course of a year. 

In August 2008, a competitor, Samsung, launched an unsolicited bid to purchase SanDisk for a 50 percent premium, or $10 billion. Mutual fund managers who owned a large percentage of stock pressed Harari to make the deal. But Harari believed the offer wasn’t in the best interest of the company’s shareholders, partners, and customers. When he turned down the offer of $26 a share, a popular television business personality put a picture of Harari on a “wall of shame” for rejecting the sale. “They don’t understand our story,” Harari told Carmine.


Carmine helped SanDisk create a narrative that clearly explained the company’s vision and long-term value. The story focused on the experience of the team, which had successfully weathered downturns in the past; its superb technology; Sandisk’s exclusive patents; and its $2.5B cash position, which it had built up in the good times. Carmine helped to craft the story and both he and Vanessa Gallo, Gallo Communications’ body language expert, prepared the executive team for public presentations and television interviews.

the result

Carmine’s relationship with SanDisk extended over the next seven years until October 21, 2015, when Western Digital offered to buy SanDisk for $86.50 a share, or more than double Samsung’s original offer. SanDisk was sold for $19 billion. Business pioneers can have the greatest ideas in the world, but if those ideas are not communicated persuasively, it doesn’t matter.

Harari went on to receive the Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama.


“I came to trust Carmine’s exceptional communications skills,” says Harari. “Over time it proved an invaluable element in building our management credibility and brand awareness among the investment community. Carmine is a different breed, a true partner, and a valued member of the senior management team. I whole-heartedly recommend him.”


Former and Retired Chairman and CEO of SanDisk Corporation


The Brand That Stole

The Show

“Carmine has made me and my demanding company proud for over a decade.”



Media Training That Prepared A Generation of Leaders


As Intel evolved from an engineering-driven firm whose products powered 90% of the world’s computers, to customer-focused products, the company’s executives and engineers needed to transform the way they told the brand story. In 2005, Intel hired Carmine Gallo as the brand’s exclusive media-training, storytelling and presentation skills coach. For the next ten years, Carmine held workshops and one-on-one sessions with hundreds of C-suite executives, general managers, directors, and engineers to help them craft and tell the Intel brand story. He did everything from preparing the CEO and CFO for CNBC interviews to working with design teams the craft the company’s highly-anticipated keynotes at the annual CES show in Las Vegas.


When Intel released a mix of technically advanced products along with confusing messaging and code-names. Carmine held classes each month with sales professionals and executives to help craft a clear, compelling and consistent story. 

For example, Intel released its Core 2 duo, a ‘dual-core’ processor family for desktop and laptop computers. The acronyms and tech specs left everyone confused, even employees who couldn’t clearly explain the technology to customers. Carmine refined the message to focus on the benefits to the customer and he created a rhetorical language that would grab people’s attention. For example, Carmine suggested: “Intel’s chips act as the brain of your computer. The Core 2 Duo is like getting two brains in one computer. That means your applications will load faster, your games will play better, your video will look better, and your battery will last longer.” 

Carmine’s workshops grew in popularity and he was asked to travel to Intel campuses in Silicon Valley, Portland, Austin, Phoenix, Europe, and Asia. The feedback that Carmine’s classes received from executives, marketers, engineers, general managers and directors among the highest-rated performance reviews for any outside advisor. 



In 2015 and 2016, Intel’s designers and marketers used Carmine’s techniques to create the opening keynotes for the prestigious CES conference in Las Vegas. The keynotes had all of the attributes of a Carmine Gallo-inspired presentation: Surprising ‘Wow Moments,’ the rule of three, visual story slides, exciting demos, the 10-minute rule, Twitter-friendly headlines/messages and multiple speakers who share the stage. Both keynotes were widely considered the best presentations in both years with one popular site proclaiming: “Intel Steals the Show with an Inspiring Keynote.”



“One of the smartest decisions I ever made at Intel was recruiting Carmine Gallo as the company’s media spokesperson training coach. With every positive review from class participants and spot-on message delivery during press interviews and presentations, Carmine has made me and my very demanding company proud for over a decade. Whether he trains the lowest-level director or a top executive, Carmine tailors content not only to the person but subject and need, making for a first-rate, results-oriented program.”

Former Executive Communications & Platforms Team, Intel


“I loved your book (Talk Like TED) and it helped me as a teacher and in my speaking life.”

-SALLY RUSK, Teacher

THE teacher

The Teacher Who Changed The Way She Teaches Communication Skills


Sally Rusk is a middle-school teacher in Seattle. Sally needed a guide to help prepare her students for persuasive speeches. Over the summer she read Talk Like TED and created an instructional handout based on Carmine’s ideas.

the result

“The students will use the skills they learned throughout their academic careers and lives,” says Ms. Rusk. “Communication is key to relationships as well as for leaders to get their point across.”



The handout, along with the links to great examples of TED talks that Carmine included in the book, helped Sally’s students organize their presentations and make them more persuasive. The students even learned to build in metaphors, visuals, humor, and multisensory experiences into their presentations.


“The lessons learned from the handout and the TED talks made the presentations much better and the students will use the skills they learned throughout their academic careers and lives. ”


THE executive

“I created a ‘Gallo inspired’ boot camp where I introduced senior leaders Carmine’s content and I applied the strategies and ideas of building a story.”

-CHRIS, Construction Executive

THE executive

THE $875M PowerPoint

the challenge

Chris worked as a marketing executive for a small to mid-sized construction company that supplies equipment for massive construction or energy projects. It’s a fiercely competitive business and Chris’s company found it difficult to stand apart from its peers. 

Chris was responsible for arranging presentations to prospects. He realized the company wasn’t getting the traction it deserved or enough business to keep going. The presentations failed to deliver solid leads and Chris thought his role would come to a quick end.

the result

In the very next public presentation, customers began to engage with the company. Chris’s construction company won four contracts that were worth $5 to $40 million each. An executive from a major energy company had attended one of the presentations. Six months after the presentation, the executive asked Chris’s company to bid on a massive project. The executive said the presentation and the company’s innovative storytelling caught his attention. 

Chris’s company signed a $875 million deal, the largest contract in the company’s history.


Feeling frustrated, Chris went to a bookstore to clear his head. He saw Carmine’s book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and bought it on a whim. He read it and was so excited about the content he went back and bought 18 copies for his team to read. He eventually bought 100 more. According to Chris, “I created a ‘Gallo inspired’ boot-camp where I introduced senior leaders to Carmine’s content and YouTube clips. I applied the strategies and ideas of building a story around our safety record, our innovative processes, etc.”


“Carmine, because of your books we created a program in our company that awards workers when they think of innovations that save us time and money. We film each winner telling their headline, their idea and their story. It is so successful that other companies in our field want to use it, including our clients!”

Construction Executive

the coach

“Now I am on a different path. The dumb young man, who mumbled, is now helping senior executives present their ideas in English. Showing them how to create messages that are short, sharp and sticky. How is that possible?”.”



The Book That Changed My Life

the challenge

Tomas wasn’t a natural presenter. He mumbled as a child especially when he was nervous or excited. He didn’t enjoy presenting and had the added challenge of learning English as a second language.

During his career in general management at Maersk, a German logistics company, Tomas sat through countless presentations he considered dull and boring. He was determined to help the leadership team improve the way they present their ideas.

“Now I am on a different path,” says Tomas. “The young man who mumbled is now helping senior executives present their ideas in English. Showing them how to create messages that are short, sharp and sticky. How is that possible?”

the result

Tomas introduced the principles he learned in Carmine’s book to the rest of the company. He ran ‘Talk Like Steve’ workshops based on the book. The workshops were well received and “transformative” according to Bay. That was the beginning of a career change.

Tomas made presentation training a career goal. He is now an executive coach who has helped professors at Harvard Business School, TED speakers, startups and senior business professionals. “It’s been an awesome ride,” says Bay.

Tomas Bay, coach, mentor, and advisor credits Carmine Gallo and his book for changing his life. This one book not only changed his life’s path, it helped him find his life’s passion.


Tomas’s career made a dramatic shift on January 7, 2011. Tomas remembers the exact day because it was the day he discovered Carmine’s books; the books that would change his life.  

It was a cold Friday in Hong Kong. I was browsing for books on Amazon. That’s when it happened. I saw the book that would eventually change my life. It was ‘The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs’ by Carmine Gallo. I was already a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, so it was an easy buy. I was hooked. I started reading the book the same day, and I finished it in two days. I highlighted the important parts. I made notes. I thought, “Wow. Finally, I have found a better way to make presentations. It’s freaking awesome.” Yes, I was excited. I was like a 6-year old kid in a candy store.



Infographic created by Tomas Bay


“January 7, 2011, was a cold Friday in Hong Kong. I was browsing for books on Amazon. That’s when it happened. I saw the book that would eventually change my life. It was ‘The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs’ by Carmine Gallo. I was already a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, so it was an easy buy. I was hooked. I started reading the book the same day, and I finished it in two days. I highlighted the important parts. I made notes. I thought, ‘Wow. Finally, I have found a better way to make presentations. It’s freaking awesome.’ Yes, I was excited. I was like a 6-year old kid in a candy store.”

Coach, Mentor and Advisor


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