Story Is A Powerful Contagion That Can Fight The Flu

Facts and data are not enough to convince people to take action, especially if that action requires getting poked in the arm with a needle to protect themselves from the flu. What does work to change minds is the subject of today’s column. The 2017-2018...

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Propel Your Career In 2018 With These Books

The most common New Year’s resolution is to “exercise more.” That’s followed by the second most common resolution—to lose weight. Reading more books doesn’t crack the top 10. But for leaders, maybe it should top the list. After reading more than 75...

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Starbucks’ New Digital Brew: Stories Of People Not Product

While many leaders search for the latest marketing strategy to grow their brands, Starbucks wins people over by adding a digital twist to old-fashioned storytelling. The Starbucks storytelling secret—don’t make the story about product; make the story about...

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The Communication Tip That Opens Hearts, Minds And Wallets

Philanthropist Melinda Gates is a storyteller. “The power of stories open our hearts to a new place, which opens our minds, which leads to action,” she once said. Storytelling is front and center at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates’ wanted...

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Pep Talks Work According To Science

New scientific studies show that pep talks work. From the baseball field to the workplace, great leaders energize teams with their words. The Houston Astros provide the latest example. On November 1st, the Astros beat the Dodgers in game 7 to win the 2017...

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The Best Leaders Encourage Fearless Feedback

Recently, I was seated in a room at a U.S. Air Force base as a class of the best and brightest were listening to an instructor. He was making a provocative argument about a foreign adversary. When he concluded his presentation, the instructor didn’t ask...

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Richard Branson’s Best Tip For Anyone Pitching An Idea

If your pitch cannot pass the ‘Richard Test,’ billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson isn’t interested in your idea. The Richard Test has two components. First, the pitch must be free of jargon. Second, the pitch must be short enough to fit on a drink...

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Four Proven Tips To Stay Creative After Labor Day

Did you have an epiphany on your vacation this summer? I've written some of my best articles in a beachside café, from a lounge chair at lake Tahoe and sitting poolside at a resort. Like most people I’m more creative when I’m out of the office. The further...

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Take These Three Steps To Craft Your Pitch Quickly

If you only had 24 hours to craft and deliver the pitch of your lifetime, what would you leave in and, more importantly, what would you leave out? To make the exercise even harder, you’ll have only 10 minutes to give the pitch. I met with a group of senior...

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The Interview Skill Guaranteed To Give You An Edge

If two job candidates have equal qualifications, which person is more likely to get the job? According to a new survey of HR and recruiting professionals, 63 percent of recruiters say they’d give the job to the person who has better “oral communication...

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This Human Trait Gives You An Edge In An Age Of Robots

In the information age you are only as valuable as your ideas. Your ability to package your ideas with emotion, context, and relevancy is the one skill that will make you more valuable in the next decade. During a visit to the Silicon Valley headquarters...

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