Richard Branson’s  Brain Trick To Reframe A Mindset

Richard Branson has never been reticent to share his personal experience with dyslexia. In the opening sentence to a recent blog post, Branson writes, "I'm often asked how I went from being a dyslexic school dropout to founding many successful businesses."...

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Leaders: Use This Proven Technique To Win People Over

This 1 Key to Human Psychology Will Set You Apart as a Leader People Want to Follow It's well-documented that hanging around chronically negative people can bring you down. The opposite is also true: Spending time with positive people makes you happier. In...

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Based On Brain Scans – This Is The Secret To Persuasion

Thanks to advanced brain scanning techniques, we've learned more about persuasion than we've ever known. Although I've studied persuasion for 25 years, the last ten years has seen an explosion in research, thanks to advanced brain scanning techniques....

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Richard Branson’s Most Important Tip For Entrepreneurs

If your pitch can't fit in this format, don't bother pitching the Virgin billionaire. The spark that created one of the fastest growing companies in Richard Branson's Virgin empire came courtesy of a beer coaster. In his new autobiography, Finding My...

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Give Your Presentation An Emotional Punch The Ken Burns Way

If you want to make an impact in business, tell emotionally engaging stories. If you want to make an impact in your profession and stand out from your competitors, tell more stories--and not just any story, but emotionally engaging ones. If you're stuck on...

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This Billionaire Reveals What You Must Overcome To Reach Your Potential

Billionaire Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater, one of the world’s largest and best performing hedge funds. A true entrepreneurial success story, Dalio started his company in a two-bedroom apartment. He was a self-described ordinary kid and a worse-than-ordinary student. Forty-two years after starting his company, Dalio decided to share his success secrets in his new book, Principles.

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Two Words That Make You Sound Unprofessional

The annoying filler words used by entrepreneurs, job applicants, TV pundits--and maybe even yourself. As a communication coach, I know how important it is to eliminate filler words from our conversations. I also know that the advice is easy to dispense and...

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These 3 Words Put the British Open Champion Back on Track

Great performers in any field practice this one habit to calm down, build confidence and regain focus. At the age 23, Jordan Spieth became the youngest player to win the British Open since 1979. It almost didn't happen, but Spieth regained his mental edge...

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