The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
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Kudos to a job more than well done

“Kindly tell Mr. Gallo that I’ve read his book, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.
It was tremendous! It was not just promising. It was moving! I’ve always wanted to be a positive contributor to the society. And the book was a confirmation that my passion is not improbable.
Kudos to a job more than well done. A huge thanks to Mr. Gallo and to the people who helped him make the book come out to the light.”

– Eunice P.

An inspiring roadmap

“An inspiring roadmap for anyone who wants to live a life of passion and purpose.”

– Tony Hsieh
author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of

Thank you so much for provoking new inspiration

“I wanted to take a brief moment and applaud you for the great books you’ve provided. Initially, I read The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and I was so inspired that I quickly moved to your other great work, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. In simple but elegant form, you’ve really developed a penchant for skillfully categorizing and organizing clear thought in your writing and presentation! Thank you so much for enhancing some critical learning but also provoking new inspiration!”

– George M.
CFO, Horsemen, Inc.

Awesome book!

I am reading this awesome book, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs – absolutely insanely brilliant!

Marie Johnson via Twitter

Exceptional reading!

“This is just a gratitude letter to say how thankful I am to you for the The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs book! Thank you for this exceptional reading piece! I could not stop myself from reading and enjoying every line of it!”


Buy it now, bank it tomorrow

“Steve reinvented music distribution, the mobile telephone, and book publishing. You might want to take a look at how someone creates multibillion dollar ideas”

– Jeffrey Gitomer
author of The Little Red Book of selling

In my top 10 of business books of 2010

“What is interesting about Gallo’s perspective is that it breaks with so many other books on the same subject. No where in the book does he talk about brainstorming or giving IQ tests for new hires. What he does discuss is building cultures that thrive on innovation and what steps you can take to mimic Steve’s success.”

Jason Sokol Marketing Blogger

Culture-changing Book

“The book does challenge readers to ‘re-think’ — I agree; it is a culture-changing book.”

Book editor

Carmine gives you the tools to unleash your inner Steve.

“Apple changed the world with the Mac and hasn’t stopped innovating since. Carmine Gallo reveals the secrets and gives you the tools to unleash your inner Steve.”

– Marc Benioff
chairman and CEO of and author of the national bestseller Behind the Cloud

Inspiring and motivational

“I loved your The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Your book was awesome, inspiring, and motivational. I learned quite a bit. I do plan to re-read and keep this book on hand for reference. Thank you!”

– Georgette B.

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