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The Enterprise Project chooses The Storyteller’s Secret as part of their Top 10 Summer Reading list.

Mr. Gallo:
You are a Rock Star!

I mean that with all sincerity and from the bottom of my heart. I have just finished reading your Storyteller’s Secret book. What an absolutely awesome book. My wife is in Real Estate and having a tough time of it at the moment because we are in such a competitive market. I want to help her and after reading your book, I now know how I am going to help her. By crafting peoples’ stories about the Real Estate. Peoples experiences if you will. Now after your book and some of your YouTube videos, every time I hear the word “story” my ears perk up. I am from the Toronto Canada area. Do you ever do talks in Canada because I would love to hear you speak. For me it would be the cat’s meow!

Mike Hiatt
PS: I have just ordered to more of your books

The wisdom and inspiration you have given us has been LIFE-CHANGING.

“Carmine, I needed to write you and thank you for writing The Storyteller’s Secret. The wisdom and inspiration you have given us has been LIFE-CHANGING. My fiancee and I are entrepreneurs and we have been going back and forth on the direction we should take to scale our company. YOUR book—literally in a few sentences—changed our mindset. I read your book in 4 hours and you changed our life.Your book has been a shot in the arm and has changed the way we see the whole thing. You really have no idea what your book, your message, your stories, and your inspiration have meant to us. You made us grab something bigger with your words.”

– Eva Shure,
CEO/Co-Founder, Red Carpet Kids (featured on The View, ABC News, and People Magazine)

Amazing help for my presentation

“The Storyteller’s Secret was an amazing help for my presentation, especially the part on making a business presentation personal and emotional. It’s in my top 10 for 2016!”

Senior Business Manager, Under Armour

Easy to learn lessons

“It’s all in the story and Carmine Gallo both tells stories, and understands them. In ‘The Storyteller’s Secrets’ Gallo dives more deeply than ever before into how to harness the power of story, whether to sell a product, inspire a movement, or re-shape a life. The structure of the book keeps the reader engaged, and makes it easy to learn the lessons he has to offer.”

five_star -Brian Gorman (Amazon testimonial)

Great new inspiring book

“Check out this great new inspiring book from our friend, Carmine Gallo. In The Storyteller’s Secret, he features 35 men and women who move people with their words. Carmine makes the point that a leader cannot inspire others unless they listen to the calling that God placed in their hearts.”

-Joel Osteen
Pastor, Joel Osteen Ministries

“My Pick for the Most Anticipated #Entrepreneur Book of 2016! Thanks Carmine @carminegallo for sending me a copy!”

-John Frazier

A 243 Page Journey

“Thanks @carminegallospeaker for The Storyteller’s Secret… the 243 page journey you took me on really helped me get clear on how I’m going to create my next @ted talk titled Couchkills and of course ‘Talk Like TED’ will be right there with me as it all unfolds… #nofoolin”

-Jay Jacobs
Biggest Loser Finalist

Great new inspiring book

“Thank you Carmine Gallo for such a thoughtful gift. Only on Chapter 7 of The Storyteller’s Secret and it’s already changed my life.”

-Tariq Trotter
via Twitter @blackthought (Tariq Trotter), frontman for The Roots (The Tonight’s Show band)

A must read

“A must read #book if you are serious about improving your #communication style and your ‘#story’! by @carmingallo

-Michael Virardi

It’s great!

“SPEAKERS: you need to get this new book by @carminegallo. It’s great! –

-Chris Brogan

Carmine Gallo show you how to frame ideas to make them irresistible

“Having facts on your side isn’t enough. You have to do storytelling. In The Storyteller’s Secret, Carmine Gallo shows you how to frame ideas to make an irresistible, memorable, and emotional connection with your audience. We have very big problems to solve and we have entrepreneurs with great ideas, but knowing the science isn’t enough. Stories educate, inform, and ultimately inspire us to change the world.”

-Vindo Kholsa
founder of Khosla Ventures

Understand the how and why of the power of storytelling

“Carmine Gallo is the best communication and storytelling writer in the world today. The Storyteller’s Secret is the latest proof. Mr. Gallo takes you on an entertaining and enlightening journey into the ‘why’ of storytelling – the biochemical and emotional and emotional responses that evolution has hard-wired into you in response to stories.

After reading this book, you’ll understand how and why a well-crafted story leaves a long lasting impact on audiences. Put this book at the top of our reading list if you want to be a stand out communicator.”

-Michael Davis
author, THE Book on Storytelling

Carmine Gallo unlocks the techniques that have made some of the greatest leaders as great as they are.

“I believe there are seeds of greatness in each and every one of us. In The Storyteller’s Secret, Carmine Gallo unlocks the techniques that have made some of the greatest entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders of our time as great as they are. The chapters are filled with inspiring stories and specific tips that will help you elevate your personal brand, move your business forward, and, quite possibly, change the world.”

-Lewis Howes
author and podcast host of The School of Greatness

Carmine Gallo explains why the stories we tell ourselves are the most important and empowering ones of all.

“After I lost my legs I got a second chance at life. I learned that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. I started to ask myself the question ‘If life were a book and I were the author, how would the story go?’ In The Storyteller’s Secret, Carmine Gallo not only gives you the tactical steps to sharing your ideas, he also digs into the psychology of storytelling to explain why the stories we tell ourselves are the most important and empowering ones of all.”

-Amy Purdy
world-class snowboarder, motivational speaker, and television personality

Great read.

“Finally making my way through this book on the reading list. As always @carminegallo keeps me turning pages! Great read. #TellBetterStories”

-Drew Lewis

The best business book I’ve ever read

“It’s the best business book I’ve ever read. Loved the workbook. I immediately wrote a presentation that got comments like ‘that was in the top three presentations we’ve ever had.’ Thank you! I can’t wait to read more of your stuff! I think you should have your own podcast!”

-Amy Wolf

Carmine Gallo shows us how to overcome challenges.

“I believe your adversities are your advantage. Carmine Gallo shares this philosophy. In The Storyteller’s Secret, he shows us how overcoming challenges – tension over triumph – is the stuff by which great stories and great successes are made.”

-Darren Hardy
publisher of Success magazine and New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Carmine Gallo reminded me how important passion is

“Carmine Gallo reminded me how important passion is in telling my story and that each of us has to figure out what makes our heart sing! A must-read for all of us that tell stories to persuade, educate or motivate others.”

-Robert S.

I went wow after the first story

“When I started reading The Storyteller’s Secret, I went wow after the first story and the wowwww factor only became longer after each story. I am motivated now to write my own story and other people’s story as well.”

-Seema Karwa

For year’s I’ve trusted Carmine Gallo’s sage wisdom.

“For years I’ve trusted Carmine Gallo’s sage wisdom on learning to be a better communicator and I’ve made his book Talk Like TED required reading for my staff. I’m excited about The Storyteller’s Secret because in my business, communication and leading teams to victory are most certainly related!”

-Brigadier Gen. Kenneth E. Todorov
USAF (Ret.)

Your telling the story of other storytellers was beautifully done

“I am a Lutheran poster who developed a congregation made of folks living on the streets in Philadelphia. As a 2013 Purpose Prize winner, I know the importance of being able to tell a good story. Your book, The Storyteller’s Secret has inspired me to offer a storytelling group to the men and women of my congregation whose stories so badly need to be told. Your telling the story of other storytellers was beautifully done. Thank you so much…”

-Reverend Violet C. Little

Insightful and inspiring

“I just finished The Storyteller’s Secret and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was very insightful, inspiring, and I will apply the principals learned for the development of our company.”

-Mark D.

I never realized…

“I never realized the significance neuroscience can play in proving which stories work and why, until I read this book.”

-Kate Cadet


“A necessary addition to any aspiring leader & communicator’s arsenal. The Storyteller’s Secret is absolutely marvelous. It’s clear that the subject of inspiring and motivating people is Carmine Gallo’s passion. For me the book is proof that he has found his life’s calling. After reading Talk Like TED I was able to give a very successful keynote speech. And now after The Storyteller’s Secret I am certain I can take it to the next level (provided I give it enough time and proper application of course).

For me… the book is clear, solid, inspiring & scientific (where it needs to be). And the best part about the Audiobook is Carmine narrating it himself because no one else could have emphasized the nuances as well as Mr. Gallo himself.

One of the books you should get a hard cover of and keep on your bookshelf to read and re-read because you will just keep getting more and more out of it every time.”

five_star -Muhammad (Amazon testimonial)

Book Reviews

Technical Communication Magazine Review

I found I was unable to put the book back on the display shelf. I wanted to read more to learn the secret of people like Howard Schultz. Carmine Gallo is one of the great teachers of storytelling.

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A useful and inspiring book

Effective storytelling requires continual internal dialogue as well as understanding the audience. Everyone has a number of back stories, which become active at different points of time. The story has to be able to convince yourself before it can convince others.

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“Thumbs up!”

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a powerful book to understand the history and the psychology of storytelling and why it can dramatically shift and change your business. Thumbs up!”

Video Book Review by Mark Leruste watch review

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Purpose of Life: Live A Good Story

five_star– Erol Esen, Amazon Vine Review

Gallo’s passion for passion is evident in how well the book is put together and the summary at the end of each chapter is well though out. This is a highly readable book, and recommended.

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Storytelling At Its Best

five_star– Patty Apostolides, Amazon Book Review

I will be reading this book over and over again. Well written, it captured my imagination, my emotion, and my interest! I will look for more books written by this author.

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Business World review of The Storyteller’s Secret

The Storyteller’s Secret is not a self-help book. It is a book that tells you a story; many stories, in fact, about dreamers and storytellers. Super-achievers who also have the ability to tell a good story. – Business World India review

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