Great Communicators are made, not born. It's up to you if you want to become one.


Having confident and authentic body language and verbal delivery helps you:

Build confidence as a storyteller
Command your team
Make more sales
Inspire evangelists
Be respected and admired

Amazing presence evolves from focusing on three factors:


First, be aware of your natural abilities as a communicator. Use your innate strengths as a foundation for your own individualized style.


Second, you must craft a story or message that comes from the heart. Your message must also be concise, memorable and clear.


Third, dedicate the right amount of practice time for your personality, body language and style to shine before you deliver your compelling story.

Schedule a Video Analysis Review with our Body Language Expert, Vanessa Gallo.

The best way to improve your body language and delivery is to record yourself in action on video. Send us your video and we will provide an in depth written analysis of your strengths, style and messaging content.

We provide this service in 3 steps:

  1. Send us your video sample via a cloud service or other method that can accommodate large files.
  2. Our body language expert, Vanessa Gallo, will review the video and write a review based on her observations.
  3. Participate in a one-hour phone or skype call with Vanessa to discuss and review the analysis once it has taken place.

Contact Vanessa Gallo for pricing, to schedule your video analysis or to ask questions about this service.